DeepaMehta Platform (7.2 MB)

Released: Sep 3, 2018 (Release Notes).

For installation and update instructions see the README.

Works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

DeepaMehta Plugins

Plugins extend the functionality of DeepaMehta.

  • DM4 Kiezatlas: A geographical content management system. A rewrite of Kiezatlas 1.6
  • DM4 Thymeleaf: Server-side HTML generation based on the Thymeleaf template engine.
  • DM4 Webpages A multi-site capable and collaborative, topicmap based publishing platform for simple webpages.
  • DM4 Example Webapp: A very simple web application developed with DM4 Web Activator.
  • DM4 WebSockets: The basis for server push.
  • DM4 WebSockets Example: A simple server push application developed with DM4 WebSockets.
  • DM4 D3.js Renderer: A D3/SVG based topicmap renderer that utilizes an animated force layout.
  • DM4 Images: Browse and upload images from within the CKEditor.
  • DM4 Mail: Send emails. Supports HTML (including images), attachments, and signatures.
  • DM4 Poemspace: A flexible contact management and mail campaigning system.
  • DM4 Tags: A basic module to enable tagging-features in DeepaMehta.
  • DM4 Twitter Research: Supporting public research on recent topics tweeted from within DeepaMehta.
  • DM4 Wikidata Search: A plugin introducing a "Wikidata Search" for the DeepaMehta Webclient.
  • DM4 Sign-up: A plugin providing a simple self-registration dialog and password-reset mechanism for web applications.
  • DM4 Subscriptions: A plugin providing developers the base for realizing a thematic publish/subscribe function.
  • DM4 Web Experiments A template based web-service module facilitating the generation and realisation of web-based user studies.
  • DM4 Import Export A plugin for exporting Topicmaps as SVG documents, saving & restoring Topicmaps via JSON and to import Firefox Bookmarks Backup files.
  • DM4 CSV A plugin to create and update topics based on a "|" seperated .csv file.
  • DM4 Geospatial A plugin service managing a spatial database layer for location based queries of topics.
  • DM4 CROWD Literature A web application for managing information on the CROWD Literature Omnibus Reading Tour.

Download plugins here:

For installation and usage instructions see the links above.

DeepaMehta Extensions

Extensions make your 3rd-party applications work together with DeepaMehta.

Older DeepaMehta Releases

DeepaMehta 3 & 4 Release Archive
DeepaMehta 3 is discontinued.

DeepaMehta 2.0b8
Released: November 1, 2008.
DeepaMehta 2 is discontinued.