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Juli 08, 2014
4th DeepaMehta Development Meeting at Wikimedia

We are happy to announce the next DeepaMehta Dev Meeting. This meeting is aimed at developers interested on DeepaMehta application development framework. There will be talks about it, recent news and Q&A. If you are curious about DeepaMehta, it's a good opportunity to get in touch with us and even start your own project. Join us!

When: Tuesday July 8th at 18:00h

Where: Wikimedia e.V., Raum ALPAHBET  (Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24)


  • What's new in DeepaMehta 4.3?
  • The new Access Control System of DM 4.4 (upcoming)
  • Improve community developed plugins
  • Presentation of a new plugin: Topicmap SVG Export
  • Q&A - Social Gathering
Mai 22, 2014
3rd DeepaMehta Development Meeting

We are happy to announce the next DeepaMehta Dev Meeting. This is the begin of a monthly meeting where DeepaMehta developers share the recent news, exchange experiences about realized projects, and learn from each other. If you are curious about DeepaMehta, it's a good opportunity to get in touch with us and/or even start your own project. Join us!
When • Thursday May 22nd at 18:00h
Where • Wikimedia e.V., Raum ABAKUS • Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24, 10963 Berlin • U Möckernbrücke (U1/U7)
Agenda • DeepaMehta introduction (30min) • Lightning talks (5min each) • Presentation of Wikidata Plugin (30min) • Questions and Answers • Social Gathering

Febr. 18, 2014
DeepaMehta 4.2 released

DeepaMehta 4.2 is a maintenance release that brings bug fixes and additions to the Plugin Development Framework. New is a facility for Custom Events: plugins can define its own specific event types. Furthermore this release is compatible with 2 new plugins (optional install): WebSockets provide plugin developers the basis for server push, and the experimental D3.js Renderer plugin demonstrates how the D3.js library can be utilized for rendering topicmaps. It features a SVG-based animated force layout for automatic topic positioning. For detailed information about this release (and about the 4.2 version number) see the release notes.

Dez. 10, 2013
5th DeepaMehta Community Lounge

We are happy to announce the next DeepaMehta Lounge. Please join us!
When • Tue, Dec 10th, 2013 • 19:00h
Where • K9 - Größenwahn • Kinzigstr. 9 • HH Hochparterre • 10247 Berlin - F'hain • U5 Samariterstrasse
What • Short introduction of latest release DM 4.1.3 • Presentation of DM4 applications, plugins and projects • Discussion about future development and ideas • Questions and answers • Social gathering with cold drinks and music
Test • Please try the Online demo to help us testing before we release DM 4.1.3 • user: testuser • pass: testpass • To report bugs and feature requests please register at our Trac site.

Thx, cu and spread the word!

Dez. 10, 2013
DeepaMehta 4.1.3 released

DeepaMehta 4.1.3 brings a lot of useful GUI improvements and, for developers, a View Customization Framework. The Topicmap Panel provides increased means of expression, higher information density, and better usability. This new look&feel is realized as a plugin (Box Renderer), so if you don't like it, you can switch it off. The Detail Panel's information display is much more understandable and shows less redundancy. Developers can hook in drawing and event handling behavior in the default Topicmap Renderer whereupon 2 topic rendering flavors are supported: draw-on-Canvas and DOM-rendering.
Furthermore you can work with particularly complex data models ("aggregated composites") in the Webclient, and you can install/start/stop plugins without restart. For an extensive list of new features, changes, and fixes see the Release Notes.

Sep 01, 2013
DeepaMehta 4.1.1 released

While DeepaMehta 4.1.1 has not much to offer for the end user it brings crucial bug fixes and various enhancements in the Plugin Development Framework. Main features comprise Timestamps (not yet user perceivable) and a new Time API; better performance through exploitation of the browser cache; and Edit Conflict Detection for supporting collaborative work. Furthermore, a new Property API allows attaching arbitrary metadata to topics and associations. Numeric metadata is trie-indexed which allows for performant time- and and geo-based range queries. For a complete list of changes in DM 4.1.1 see the release notes.

Juni 26, 2013
2nd DeepaMehta Development Meeting

Time and location:

  • June 26, 2013
  • 4pm-8pm
  • TU Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 36a, Room ER 136

The target group and the meeting's agenda is the same as with the 1st DeepaMehta Development Meeting.